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3/30/2015 Weekly Update

Baseball and Softball will host North Johnston Monday night at 7 PM all Bruins are invited.
The Fox 50 LipDub contest will officially begin tomorrow March 30th, at 7 am.  Please click on to see the video produced by our school and cast your vote!!!  The school with the most online votes receives a grand prize of $10,000.  Please share on social media and ask everyone you know for their support.
And finally, Beddingfield has had an enormous rise in tardies from students arriving to school by cars.  The amount of class time for these students arriving late has been sometimes up to missing 2 classes.  Because of the critical need for students to be in all classes, the tardy policy will be focused upon when we return from Spring Break on April 13th.  Beginning that Monday, April 13th students that arrive to school by their own transportation must be at school by 1st bell, which is 7:30 am.  Students that arrive late will be given a tardy detention to be held after school for each day they are late.  Exceptions will be made only if they have a Dr's note occurring the day of their tardy, or if a parent enters the building with them excusing their tardy. This critical time of year mandates that all students are present for all of their classes.  We at Beddingfield thank you for your attention to this matter.