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View 2017 - 2018 Drill & Raider Competitions
2017 - 2018 Drill & Raider Competitions

Drill & Raider competitions help cadets build their teamwork skills. It also help with attention to detail as well as discipline.

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View 2017 - 2018 Veterans Day
2017 - 2018 Veterans Day

Cadets showed up at the court house in Wilson, NC to show their appreciation on veterans day.

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View 2017- 2018 Service Learning Project
2017- 2018 Service Learning Project

Each and every cadet in the JROTC program participated in the service learning project. This project encourages cadets to have a positive affect on their community. It also teaches humility.

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View Cadet Promotion Board
Cadet Promotion Board

The Bruin Battalion Leadership Board conducts a formal interview of each cadet prior to promotion to the next rank if qualified.

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View Fort Bragg/ Campbell University
Fort Bragg/ Campbell University

Campbell University Campus visits and Military installations are just a few ways we expose our cadets to positive opportunities for the future.

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View Home Coming Court
Home Coming Court

JROTC Support BHS Home Coming 100 percent with Parking, Color Guard, and Home Coming Court at half time. All of what we do is to support that Black and Blue.

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View Raider Competition
Raider Competition

JROTC Competitions and training are ongoing throughout the year by many of our special teams in an effort to be number 1.

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View Roadside Clean-up
Roadside Clean-up

Roadside and BHS Campus cleanup are just another way our cadets are taught to give back to their community with service and commitment.

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View Stop Hunger Now Project
Stop Hunger Now Project

Each Cadet is required to participate in a Service Learning Project to increase knowledge and to give back to their community. Students are packing 10,000 meals for the Hungry.

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View Team Building
Team Building

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View Winter Parades
Winter Parades

Community Service is always great when friends and family have an opportunity to see you participate in the Wilson, Stantonsburg and Sharpsburg Christmas Parades each year.

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